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About nutri-tube™ 

nutri-tube™ is more than just a medical company; we are you...parents and patients that use enteral feeding applications on a daily basis.  

through our struggles, frustrations and pain as parents of a tubie, nutri-tube™, was born with a mission to create safer, more secure and simpler enteral medical products that are designed with the end user in mind.

we are starting small, but have a focus and dedication to bring products to market that make a significant difference to both patients and caregivers lives.  Bringing both freedom and peace of mind through thoughtfully created and medically engineered products. nutri-tube™ works with professional healthcare workers, caregivers, patients and family to bring products to market that you need.

as parents of tubies, we can guarantee you that products will not be brought to market unless they are designed for a purpose, tested and corrected until the best results have been achieved and then approved by the highest authorities in the medical world.

our story


like many families with babies using home healthcare, we were determined to find solutions that made our daughter more comfortable and pain free.  With much teamwork from companies and families all over the globe, we were able to reach that goal and now deliver those results to hospitals, home-health and directly to the end users.

The Lawson Family - Founders of Nutri-Tube™

Image by Charles Deluvio
our mission


at nutri-tube™ medical is to create safer, simpler and more secure medical products

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