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inspirational stories

from the tubietribe™

Head of Sales


Karissa Rhyne

Marshville, NC

"my son Dexter has multiple allergies and sensitivies to medical tapes.  Prior to finding the tubietunnel™ we battled with rashes and infections.  tubietunnel™ has inproved the way we are able to secure his lines and we finally have a little boy with a rash-free tummy."

Head of Sales


Euming Chong, MD

NICU Medical Director, DCH

"the tubietunnel™ is a safe and gentle tape to help us secure various medical devices in our extremely fragile and sick babies.  Their skin integrity is not compromised which reduces their risk for skin breakdowns and sepsis.  The device such as nasal cannula and nasogastric tubes are secured which reduces the need for multiple replacements of the tubings.  The tubietunnel™ reduces the stress to our babies and promotes appropriate developmental care, helping our babies rest, thus, improving their neurodevelopmental outcomes."

Head of Sales

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Lori Watson

New Brunswick, Canada

"So glad to have found these!  My infant son requires an NG tube for the time being, and these tubietunnels are better than everything I have tried.  They make it easy to secure the tube to his cheek, they don't irritate his skin, and they stay put even when he pulls on them!  One tubietunnel even lasted us about 5 days before it needed to be changed.  So Great!  Thank you for making our lives just a little bit easier!"


Portage, WI

Tara Woodruff

"we have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a solution to secure our g-tube attachments without causing pain to our baby girl.  I can finally say our search is over, this is the best product we have ever found."


Durango, CO

Aurelia Ekeland

"the tubietunnel™ is fantastic!!! The stick well without ripping my skin off and are so soft.  100% worth using.  Thank You!!!"


United Kingdom

Joelean Mountcastle

"these tube stickers are perfect.  They're so soft and so nice on the skin and my son Logan can't pull these off where as other tapes they were awful and he ripped them straight off.  These do not affect the skin and I'm so happy with them.  I will be purchasing them again.  Thank you so much!"

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