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what is the tubietunnel™ securement device?


the tubietunnel™ is the safest and simplest solution for securing medical tubes onto the most fragile and allergy prone skin. 

With the combination of both a sensitive and strong hold version in all five sizes, the tubietunnel™ has the ability to meet every demand for tube securement in the medical industry.

common applications include:

  • feed sets

  • traditional length g-tubes

  • foley catheters

  • oxygen tubing

  • nasoenteric tubes

  • IV lines

  • dialysis catheters

  • nephrostomy tubes

  • insulin tubing

  • medical drainage tubing

  • suprapubic catheters

  • *note: this list is not all-encompassing.  It is for                     example purposes only.

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"the tubietunnel™ is a safe and gentle tape to help us secure various medical devices in our extremely fragile and sick babies.  Their skin integrity is not compromised which reduces their risk for skin breakdowns and sepsis.  The devices such as nasal cannula and nasogastric tubes are secured which reduces the need for multiple replacements of the tubings.  The tubietunnel™ reduces the stress to our babies and promotes appropriate developmental care, helping our babies rest, thus, improving their neurodevelopment outcomes."
Euming Chong, MD

NICU Medical Director, Neonatal Transport Director, NICU Quality Medical Director, High Risk Clinic Medical Director

Driscoll Children's Hospital

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Are you tired of other tape irritating yours or your babies skin?  Order the tubietunnel™ now for the safest securement avaliable.


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interested in seeing how the tubietunnel™ can bring value to your patients, get a trial started at your hospital now

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want to save both labor and money, as well as provide better quality products to your patients, contact nutri-tube™ today to get samples.

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